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At age 4
-She could read on a 1st grade level.

At age 5
-She could explain viscosity.



At age 5
He was a confident reader.

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Chicken Riddle
Classic Fables Encourage Young Readers
Chicken Little Chick
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Chicken Riddle was written for a kindergarten and first grade summer camp.  Children love stories that are familiar to them.  The familiarity helps engage them.  People of all ages learn better when the information is relevant and interesting.

Chicken Riddle builds reading skills and fluency. The play reinforces prekindergarten through first grade sight words.  It models how exclamation marks are used to show extreme emotion.  The rhyming names and animal characters involve children in developing listening and speaking skills. The repetitive lines help encourage children to become confident readers. 

Recommended Actor Ages: 4 - 7 Audience Ages: 3 - 8

Run Time: Appoximately 10 minutes


Narrator:  So, Chicken Riddle, Henny Penny, Goosey Lucy, Ducky Lucky and Turkey Lurkey, too, walk through the woods until they run into Bunny Wunny.

Turkey Lurkey:  Bunny Wunny, help!  The sky is falling!  !  Please come with us to tell the king.

Bunny Wunny:  Th th th th.  H H H H How do you know? 

Chicken Riddle:  I heard it!  I saw it!  It was awful!  A big piece of it fell on my head.

Bunny Wunny.  Th thwell thwell, let us go say it to the king now!.

They cluck, quack, waddle and hop around in a circle.  Doggy Woggy enters with a bone.