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BKA At age 3
She could spell one syllable words.

BKA At age 5
She could read on a 2nd grade level.

BKAAt age 8
She could construct a 12th grade sentence.


BK2M At age 3
He could mentally keep basketball scores by 2 and 3 point shots for himself and his opponents.

BK2M At age 5
-He was a confident reader.
-He could solve motion equations.

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Adult and child reading

Tutoring often focuses on areas of challenge. When energy is placed in improving weaker performing subject areas, the thought is targeting the deficiency is the best way to help learners achieve. In the short term, this may show some improvement. But, for sustainable long-term achievement, it is better to focus educational coaching on how learners learn best and their interests. Self-knowledge yields confidence. While it may be counterintuitive for tutoring to focus on someone's strength as a way to improve a weakness, confidence builds upon confidence.



How Our Educational Coaching Works

Lifelong learners know how to learn. Our Story is available to provide educational consulting for your child. For more information, email contact@ourstorypublications.com.