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BK2M At Age 3
He could track basketball scores by 2 and 3 point shots for himself and his opponents.

BK2M At Age 4
He could add by 6 and 7's to calculate football scores.

BK2M At age 5
He could do multiplication up to his 12 time tables.

He could solve equations for motion.

Watch BK2M Skip Count at Age 4


BKA At Age 3
She could spell.

BKA At Age 4
She could read on a 1st grade level.

BKA At Age 7
She could explain viscosity.

Watch BKA Read




































































Build Solid Foundations

Educational Toys BK & BK Like

BK and BK

BK and BK are siblings who share the same initials. They also happen to be Our Story Publications founder's children. BKA is first born, advanced learner and BK2M is second born, mathematically gifted.

At age six, BK2M scored in the 99.9th percentile in math and had a 7th grade reading comprehension. At age 8, BKA scored in the 98th percentile in math. She could construct 12th grade sentences.

They were raised doing all the things they say parents should do. BKA and BK2M were read to and entertained with educational toys.

The children pretend play often. It builds their imaginations which leads to critical thinking and problem solving.

They are also praised for their strengths. In each subject, they are challenged as far as they can go and then allowed to remain at that level until they are ready for more information. They are encouraged using their interests to motivate learning.

They are fascinating. To be siblings, they are so different, yet the same. They ways that they take in information has been a significant factor in educating them. BKA is a visual learner. She approaches information logically and methodically. She has a strong adherence to process. BK2M is a truly kinesthetic learner. His mind runs like a dual process computer. He likes to figure out things. There is always two things going on in his mind. He quickly wants to know the point to any information that you present him. Knowing how they filter information, and then process it, has been paramount to making them enthusiastic, confident learners who can demonstrate achievement.

Each parent can help their children immensely by learning how they interact with information - visually, auditorily, or hands-on. Further understanding how a child processes information and their paradigms allows parents to pick out materials that are most helpful for children's education and conferencing with teachers effectively.

Here are some of the products that BK and BK liked, and that are quality learning products.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a classic children's favorite. The alphabet climb and crash with rhythmic language that draws children into the story.

It flows so easily. Watch the video of BKA reading at age 6. Your little one will also enjoy the story as children's attention is captured by voices of other children. $9.99



Counters Mini Dinos 108 Pack encourages counting objects, grouping, sorting and creating patterns.

BK2M has always enjoyed a fascination with discrete objects. Through his exploration of objects, he learned to manipulate counters. He performs mental math by regrouping objects in his head. Watch BK Skip Count $24.99

Dino Counters


Lego Tubes Experiment help develop creativity and problem solving when children figure out how things work.

Children learn how to visually construct whatever their minds could dream up when they play with Legos. Vivid imaginations dream big. Then they learn to build. $101.95

Lego Tubes


Light N Strike Math lights and sound fascinate children. Plus, they enjoy whacking out answers. Striking the arcade before time runs out, improves children's math speed.

BKA scored in the 98th percentile and BK2M scored in the 99.99th percentile in math using Light N Strike math as part of their routine to regularly reinforce math skills. $44.99

Light N Strike Math


Reading Rods Activity Set Sentence Building lets children - Build it! Read It! Write It !By focusing on the purpose of the parts of speech, third grade BKA could construct 12th grade sentences.

Includes 107 Reading RodsĀ® - 20 double-sided activity cards - Activity tray - Dry-erase board - Washable dry-erase pen & eraser - Durable easy-to-clean soft vinyl 11" L x 10" H x 2.5" W binder

Reading Rods


In Beginning Fractions and Decimals DVD, music and graphics make learning fractions interesting.

Children explain fractions so well that six year old BK grasps comparisons and equivalents.



Mini Word Walls are convenient spelling helpers to use when children are ready. Because children love writing with dry erase markers, they do not mind practicing word building and spelling skills on these laminated sheets. BK and BK also enjoy working together to build words.

Without weekly spelling lists, BKA spells as well as, and in many cases, better than her peers.

Mini Word Walls

Educational Plays bring subjects to life. The original publications make learning fun and relevant.

Children learn through pretend play and make believe. Acting in plays helps children develop self-confidence and language skills.

BK and BK have vivid imaginations and are uninhibited learners.

children scripts

Every child is unique and progresses at different rates. Using these products adds practice variety and can help children develop academic foundations.