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BK2M At Age 4
He had performed in 3 plays and a confident speaker.

BK2M At Age 5
He could solve motion problems.

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Meet the Fractions
Charming Educational Play Exploring Fractions

Uno Four, Dosie Four, Tressa Four, and Quatro Four complete the family set of four. By helping each other, Uno and Dosie learn how to identify and pronounce fractions. Their typical kid interactions make the educational play charming and humorous.

Recommended Ages: 7 to 10       Run Time: Approx. 14 min.

Educational Script Length: Four 8 1/2" by 11" pages

Meet the Fractions Children's Play Excerpt:

Dosie Four:  The top number is the numerator, and the bottom number is the denominator? But, isn’t that confusing.  Shouldn’t the denominator be on top since ‘d’ comes before ‘n’ in the alphabet?

Uno Four:  No.  The denominator tells us how many pieces there are in the whole or set.  The numerator tells us how many of the pieces we are using.  They are in opposite alphabetical order, and that helps me remember them.  Or, you can remember that ‘d’ is down.  The denominator goes down on the bottom of the fraction.  Thus, the numerator goes on top.

Dosie Four:   Here comes mom. 

Tressa Four:   Hello, I’m Tressa Four.  I am Dosie and Uno’s mom.  I’m one-fourth of our fraction family.  When I am out with the children, the three of us make three-fourths. 

Quatro Four:  Hello.   My name is Quatro Four. I’m one-fourth of our family set.  I am Uno and Dosie’s dad.   When the whole family is together, we make four-fourths.

Uno Four: (rushing them)Well, you met our parents.  Now, we have to go to the library. Duces!

Tressa Four:  Not so fast young man!  We need to at least talk to our new acquaintances.

Uno Four:  Aw nuts. I really wanted to go to the library.

Dosie Four:  Why? To learn more about fractions?

Uno Four:  No. There is an ice cream truck across from the library.

What Can You Get for $2?

A funny, quality math skit that makes identifying fractions easier.


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Educational Play's Key Learning Concepts

Terminology: Fraction, Denominator, Numerator & Decimal

Pronouncing Fractions

Recognizing Fractions As Part Of A Whole Or Set