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Hungry Greater Than and Scary Less Than
Educational Play Identify Greater Than & Less Than Signs

Children remember what is memorable. This math play uses suspense, humor, and a familiar joke to leave a lasting impression about greater than and less than signs.

Recommended Ages: 5 to 9       Run Time: Approx. 7 min.

Educational Script Length: Two 8 1/2" by 11" pages


Hungry Greater Than and Scary Less Than Children's Play Excerpt:

Pix Six: Hi my name is Pix Six and I think Steven Seven will eat me.

Terrific Ten:  Why? 

Pix Six:  Because seven ate nine.

Terrific Ten:  Seven couldn’t have eaten nine because nine is greater than seven.

Pix Six:  What does greater than mean?

Terrific Ten:  When you compare two numbers, there are two possible results.  The numbers are equal, or one number is larger than the other number.  Nine is larger than seven.

Pix Six: Steven Seven is greater than me. 

Terrific Ten:  I see your problem.  If seven is greater than six, then six is less than seven.

Pix Six:  Here comes Steven Seven!  Don’t tell him I’m here. (hides)

Educational Play's Core Learning

Identifying Greater Than and Less Than Symbols

Comparing Numbers

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A funny, quality math skit that makes greater than and less than signs unforgetable.