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At Age 8 BKA
spelled on grade level without studying spelling lists.


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Phonetic Spelling Helpers

Mini Word Walls Help Auditory, Kinesthetic & Visual Learners

Oy Words
Mini Word Walls can be assigned for quick reinforcement or integrated into a larger lesson plan. No one likes memorizing spelling words or practicing handwriting. However, children enjoy writing with dry erase markers. The laminated surface lets learners make up words over and over again when they are ready.

Each 11 x 8.5 Mini Word Wall sheet focus on a blend, long vowel sound, zh sound, word family or vowel team. Word walls include picture clues to get learners started brainstorming words. The Laminated sheets provide lined spaces for students to spell words they create which simultaneously handwriting skills.

These reusable Mini Word Walls easily adapt for different learning styles. They help visual learners see the pattern in spelling words. Auditory learners can connect sounds to spelling patterns.  Kinesthetic learners enjoy experimenting with beginning and ending sound changes while writing.

Mini Word Walls efficiently integrate spelling, phonics and vocabulary, as well as handwriting. They are a good resource for reinforcing handwriting and vocabulary skills that tend to develop naturally as children grow and read age appropriate materials.

The back of each Mini Word Wall features common words and proper names using that word family.   More advanced students can also practice language arts skills by creating adjective and adverb forms of the words as well as other parts of speech.  

Students enjoy working in groups to discover new words. This helps develop dictionary and vocabulary skills as learners look up unfamiliar words.

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*Dry erase marker not included.
*For best results, use dry eraser and cleaning solution immediately after each use.