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More Than Improve Results, Fulfill Potential

BKA At Age 5
She was a confident public speaker.

BKA At Age 7
She was dancing nonstop.


BK2M At Age 3
-He could mentally keep basketball scores by 2 and 3 point shots for himself and his opponents.

-His understanding of sports strategy outpaced his motor skills.

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Motivational Speaking

Live Your Best Learning


Open door to opportunity

Motivational Speaking Topics

  • Do You Want Your Children to Be Free?
  • Insights That Fulfill Potential
  • Parents First
  • Power of Learning Styles

Parents and teachers have the power to make children's futures bright with what they engrave on their minds and the images they help children create. Passion has opened many doors of opportunity. Our Story Publications offers motivational speaking on developing passionate lifelong learners.

Nicole Eutsey shares her years of experience teaching community programs and raising outstanding achievers. She profoundly believes a goal of education should be to put children on the path to fulfilling their purpose. By communicating the importance of education, discovering their interests and talents, and aligning their passions with career awareness, children fulfill their learning potential.