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Multiplication Town
Engaging Educational Play Exploring Multiplication

Addie Stranger and Quick tumble into Multiplication Town. They are good at addition. But, they need to explore how multiplication products can help them add the same number over and over again faster. Dirty Digits is suspicious of strangers looking for products without any factors.

Recommended Ages: 6 to 10

Educational Script Length: Six 8 1/2" by 11" pages


Multiplication Town Children's Play Excerpt:

Happy Tally:  Welcome to the fastest counting town in the west.

Quick:  I don’t know about that.  I’ve been known to sum up numbers quickly in the Columnies.

Addie Stranger: Not now, Quick.   We are here to figure out multiplication products.

Dirty Digit:  What do you want with multiplication products?

Addie Stranger:  Well, we have become pretty good with addition in the Columnies.  We heard products are the results of adding numbers faster.  So, we came to explore and find some products.

Dirty Digits:  You have to be more specific.  What are the products’ factors?

Addie Stranger:  What do you mean products’ factors?

Granma Total:  Well, you need factors to get a product.

Addie Stranger:  Why do you need factors to give me the answer to where I can find products?

Granma Total:  When two numbers are multiplied, the answer is called the product.  The two numbers that are multiplied are called factors of the product.

Dirty Digit:  Yeah.  We have a lot of products around here.  But, fact families are kind of particular about knowing which factors go with which product.

Quick:  We asked for a simple answer.

Granma Total:  The product is the answer. 

Quick:  Answer, to what?  All these words and your answers are not adding up. 

Dirty Digits:  You insulting Granma Total?  The product is the answer to multiplication problems.  You come in our town demanding products, but not offering any factors.  You and I are going to have to calculate real soon.

Educational Play's Key Learning Concepts

Multiplication is a quick way of adding the same number over and over again

Terms: Factors, Products & Multiplication Tables

Skip Counting

Product of 0 as a factor is 0

Product of 1 as a factor is the factor that is being multiplied by 1

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