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BK2M At Age 3
He could sound out words.

BK2M At Age 5
He was a confident reader.


BKA At Age 3
She could spell single syllable words.

BKA At Age 5
She could read on a 2nd grade level.

BKA At Age 8
She was on grade level in spelling without spelling lists.

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Consonant Digraphs

Mini Word Walls Spelling Helpers

Digraph Phonics

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Digraphs are two letters combined together that make one sound. Practicing digraphs help children learn to spell because they learn different sounds patterns. Mini Word Walls allow for word play to familiar phonetic sounds with written sounds.

Digraph Ch|Ck|Ph|Sh|Th|Wh Mini Word Wall (Pack of 6)

The Mini Word Walls sets use integrated learning to teach phonetic word spelling patterns.   This six pack includes reusable ch|ck|ph|sh|th|wh Mini Word Walls. Children can practice digraphs when they encounter them. $8.75


Digraph Blends Thr|Shr|Nch Mini Word Wall (Pack of 3)

These consonant digraphs are blended with a third consonant that retains its own sound. The Mini Word Walls sets use integrated learning to teach word sounds.   This three pack includes shr|thr|nch word practice. Children can practice digraphs as they encounter them in reading and writing. $5.55


*Dry erase marker not included.
*For best results, use dry eraser and cleaning solution immediately after each use.