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Home School Students Perform Better Than Their Peers

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At age 5
She could read on a 2nd grade level.

At age 6
She was a confident public speaker.

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At age 5
He was a confident reader.

At age 6
He had confidence to explore his many talents.

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Harness the Power of Imagination

Educational Plays for Children

boy pretending with a pot

Homes filled with pretend play and acting grow imagination. Imagination has a big brother named creativity who is a hero in building critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Children who express themselves during educational plays are able to make social connections between subject matter and real world applications, and communicate their ideas. Our Story Publication's plays make subjects come to life.




ABC Who Are We

This original educational play was written by students. It captures the talents and passions of Colin Powell, Jennifer Lopez, Amelia Earhart and Barbara Jordan by using humor and audience engagement.

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girl playing guitar


Around the World
in a Play

felt play characters


Awesome value for only $4.99! You get this original script, song sheets, vertebrate fact sheet, prop craft instructions and color sheets with the download version

This entertaining play for children integrates geography, animal classifications and reading skills development. Reinforces sight words and plays with the rhythm of language through songs and rhyming. For bound script, visit

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Chicken Riddle

Bring the classic children's fable, Chicken Little, to life. It is great for Reader's theater and reinforces PreK - 1st grade sight words.

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chick from chicken little

Leader of The Animals

surprised boy acting


So, what happens when we judge people by their weaknesses? This fable turned short play will show you. Good for reader's theater and reinforces PreK - 1st grade sight words.

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The Real McCoys: Science 4 Life

The Real McCoys is a timeless original play about urban youth who think they know it all. They do not believe that school is important, especially science.  However, these young know-it-alls, known as teens, discover just how import science can be to their futures. For bound script, visit

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Real McCoys Play Basketball Player