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BK2M At age 7
She could explain viscosity.

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Science Is Naturally All Around Us

Science Activity Books & Plays

little girl learning science

Science is a very creative discipline. Unfortunately, many children are taught scientific principles without being able to understand how to apply what they have learned. The key to raising confident young scientists is to expose them early to science, and allow them to experiment and make inquiries.

Science is a discipline with laws that must be learned and physical traits that must be observed. But, scientific inquiry is one of the most natural activities where we can encourage childhood engagement.

Activity books and plays help children see how different scientific disciplines can take shape in the world. Plus, they reinforce concepts while making learning engaging and pleasurable to create enthusiastic learners.


Science in Our Lives PreK - Kinder

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early childhood science



Science in Our Lives 1st - 2nd

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early childhood science