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What are people saying about Our Story Publications?

Kids testimonials

My son took the drama camp and he LOVED it!  He came home every day teaching me about right stage and left stage and the likes.  He had handfuls of craft projects and mementoes of his camp time and new friends and really seemed to enjoy himself.  I found out about the camp at the very last minute and couldn't get any of his friends to commit at such late notice, but after the camp was over and I boasted about what a wonderful experience it was, they are all on board for next year!  We are looking forward to doing it again and often look though his memory book that he brought home from drama camp. Michelle M.


I am a parent of a five-year old daughter who had the pleasure of attending Our Story. The program thematically integrated drama, science, math, art and social studies in a character building process that led to a final play production  of Chicken Little.

Coach Nicole was instrumental in building comfort and confidence with a group of 4-6 year old children with varying abilities. I noticed new language, body language and focus skills learned from Nicole that week that she still carries with her today in her kindergarten experience.  She treasures the props, crafts and hard covered book she made showcasing her talents she learned Also, post-production I observed my daughter teaching some of her drama skills to her other friend during play times.

I would highly recommend this program for any child. Ms. Eutsey is a trained, trusted professional who took a blank room and group of kids and skillfully taught them to present a magical performance. Jodi M

I volunteered in the classroom.  As an educational professional, I can tell you that it was a quality program.  It exceeded my expectations.  Students developed many skills including confidence building, speaking skills, teamwork, and math and reading skills, to name a few.  They learned so much while they were having fun.  Melanie C.