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BKA At Age 3
She could spell single syllable words.

BKA At Age 5
She could read on a 2nd grade level.

BKA At Age 8
She was on grade level in spelling without spelling lists.


BK2M At Age 3
He could sound out words.

BK2M At Age 5
He was a confident reader.

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Zh Sound Spelling Phonics

Mini Word Walls Word Spelling Helpers

Zh Sound Spelling Helper

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The Zh sound is the counter part to the sh sound.

When children encounter many English sounds, they are sometimes unsure how to pronounce them. Recognizing words with zh sounds helps children spell better.



Zh Sounds Ge| Sion|Sure|Sual (Pack of 4)

Mini Word Wall sets use integrated learning to teach word sounds.   This four pack includes ge|sion|sure|sual words. Mini Word Walls are made with durable laminate that makes practicing zh words easy and convenient when children are ready to spell them. $6.85



*Dry erase marker not included.
*For best results, use dry eraser and cleaning solution immediately after each use.